Friday, March 07, 2008


Playing Hooky

Yesterday I played hooky.

I received a call from a friend of mine who lives in Wichita and he asked if I was busy and would I be able to drive to Wichita on Thursday….not being one to go out for a 3 hour drive for no good reason, I asked "why? Who died?"

He giggled and said “ no one yet but this guy is getting pretty old.”

So I politely asked “What the fuck are you going on about?”

He replied “George Thorogood was playing the Cotillion in Wichita and that he had a ticket with my name all over it.

I asked” Jeeze will they still let me in with my name written all over the ticket? Couldn’t you have used a sticky note or something?”

Well to this he replied; “stop being a dickhead, you coming or not?”

So, not being able to argue that point, I drove to Wichita and went to see the World’s Greatest Bar Band Live and in person. The venue was filled with the stench of unfiltered Camels and Ben-Gay, the security guards told us that this was the second oldest crowd he had ever seen in his 20 year tenure of working the Cotillion.

The Oldest?

Willie Nelson. He said that there was 80-100 Walkers, Wheel Chairs, and the smell of stinky old people diapers for a full hour and Willie came out and sang 5 songs and went home. There was almost a riot.

But this crowd of 40-70 ner do wells was filled with your typical Saturday afternoon Wal-Mart crowd, if said crowd was all from the set of Night of the Living Dead cast offs. It was frightening. I am convinced that I contracted cancer last night from all of the second hand was awful! And you know you are having a good time with quality folk when the Sam Elliot look alike in front of you sticks his finger up the ass of his meth skinny, black toothed girlfriend.

Dollar Store rejects at their finest!

But back to the present, I was in the Groovy burg of Emporia when my phone rang, it was my Pops. He started telling me that my Brother in law had a stroke, caused by a blood clot and was headed to Wesley hospital in Wichita….Now is that a coincidence or what?

So Since I was headed that way, and was about 7 hours early, I knew that my day had been planned for me…Thanks PTB! (PTB= Powers that Be). When I got to the hospital, I found the super secret back door and as I was walking in a helicopter was coming in for a landing. Naturally it was the BIL. So as I looked for admissions, to try and find out where BIL was headed and even though it took me about ½ an hour, I still beat him to the trauma room.

Long story short the blood clot moved through his brain and caused some temporary speech hiccups, right side paralysis, and a shit ton of frustration. But he as of right now he is back to normal, with only some small lingering uselessness in his right leg.

Which if it is permanent, then I can start buying him some kick ass canes!

Here is a picture I took of George last night…not trying to pat myself on the back too hard, but THIS is the best action shot of George I have ever seen.

Here is a video I took also;

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