Saturday, February 09, 2008


Thirty years...

I would have been 10 almost 11

Star Wars would have been out and making history.

The Hostages would be taken and released in Iran

Granada would have went down and the movie will last longer then the skirmish.

The War for oil will have taken place twice, under two different Bushes.

Reagan will have ended the cold war and Russia would become our friends and Allys.

There would be the invention of the Space Shuttle, the Challenger disaster, and cut backs to NASA.

The internet will become mainstream.

Remote controls, VCR's, CD's, DVD's, Dolby Stereo, AIDS, Blogging, 5 presidents, 9/11, Oklahoma City bombing, MTV, the down fall of MTV, Friday Night Videos, the Solid Gold Dancers, Howard Stern, school shootings, cell phones, IPODS, Rap music, Pizza Delivery, Animal House, Rocky Balboa, Mr. T, Hummel telescope, Star Wars space defense , The Transformers, PORN (good porn any way),from BUSHY to "well Groomed", debit cards, mad cow disease, Indiana Jones, Jason Bourne, Juno, Red Sox win the World Series, dildo parties replace Avon, and tupperware...

The list is endless, I'm sure if everyone puts their heads together they will all come up with a list of important events that have shaped their own lives and have made an impression on how they lived during the last 30 years...some of you will not have been alive for the total of 30 years like you Hammer but for all of the rest of us there have been significant advances in our lives since 1978.

I'll let that sink in for a second....Everyone think back to 1978 (if you were alive then)and think of all the things you have seen, done and experienced.

Are we all flooded with memories, both good and bad? There is a reason to my madness, as usual...

Bouby and I were on the way to our bi-monthly Costco trip, dog food and booze run mostly, but first we needed to have breakfast. We hadn't been to our Waffle House for almost 9 months and we craved "Covered and Smothered", so we stopped in for a quick bite, They had remodeled that place and I wasn't too happy about the lack of seating, but nevertheless we got right in and had a seat. They serve Biscuits and Gravy now so at least that we great. We were first greeted by an aging waitress who basically ignored us until she could ignore us no more..I'll call her "dottie" because that was the name on her chest. I think she was ignoring us, not to make us wait on purpose, but because she was already doing the work of 2 other waitresses who seem to be either stupid or lazy or both. So Dottie asks us what we want to drink and then brings it to us, then informs us that our wait-tron will be with us shortly and she ambles off to continue her many other jobs.

Our Wait-tron shows up and we quickly dub her "Black Tooth the Pirate" for obvious reasons, we give her the food order and off she goes. We have a delightful breakfast where mine were "all the way" and Boub's were "covered and smothered". Itwas during this feast of carbohydrates that I noticed the fine print on Dottie's name tag. It read "Staff Member since 1978"


That is why I got to thinking about the last 30 years and all that has happened while this amazingly attractive woman, blue eyes, bottle blond, nice tits and a skinny ass that only working 40+ hours a week at a diner can earn you (there are two types of career waitresses, the skinny chain smoking, coffee drinking, talks with a sore throat, animal, and the chubby, funny, waiting to hit the lottery, smart talking, reformed smoker, yet still drinks beer every waking hour when not at work, type. Dottie is the former, she is rail thin, Clairol number 102 blond, and looks as if she has been working the 4-noon shift for at least 20 years.

I'm guessing she was extremely attractive as a young woman, and now she is a 65+ yr old hottie, biding her time until death comes for her.

Dottie was, and probably has been for at least 20 years the HBIC at that waffle house.

How many jobs have you held in your lifetime?

How many 1000's of other waitresses have come through that particular waffle house in the last 30 years?

There are probably no less then 30 -50 movies of the week, smash hit comedies, a few dozen docudramas, and for the most part, no less then 500 one night stands where those amazingly hot boobs were used to end wars, start fistfights and gain the extra tip or 12.

Thanks Dottie for you help this morning, and I hope all of you will be visiting her soon. Waffle house on 35 and Antioch in the northland. Tip big...she could use the extra jingle.

And I just wanted to say Thanks to Tony for keeping my blog hidden in obscurity at least until I'm ready to make a change in my writing skills, or start preaching politics and religion.

Thanks Beaner...

As for the Blogger BBQ cook off I think we should plan on sometime in June. For those of you who don't know what I'm going on about, I think XO and myself have decided to create a Blogger BBQ Challenge. So if you have any skill on a hot grill/smoker/ we want you in June to show off those skills and get ridiculed by the arm chair chefs, who only wish they had 1/2 as many skills AS I do.

so there!

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