Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Are you fucking kidding me?

I know that is just going to far...

Who the fuck is writing this shit?

This was an actual conversation last night with Bouby and I. We love the F/X shows and up until last night, totally LOVED Nip/Tuck. It was edgy, it was sexy it had humor and drama and it wasn't the least bit soap opera-ish. Yes, the plot was a little campy at times, but so is real life.

BUT Last night HOLY DIVER that stupid bitch Jennifer Salt (the writer) put EVERY SINGLE SOAP OPERA CLICHE IN THE HISTORY OF SOAPS!

Here is what we saw...for those of you who don't care...have a nice weekend.

1. Previously unknown child's MOTHER shows up has lost both legs to diabetes. (Had a fling with christen troy the lead ass pipe plastic surgeon)
2. Tells Christen that THEIR kids are having INCEST (her daughter his son who are now 1/2 siblings...didn't know it at first..found out, kept fucking)
3. Dr. Sean McNammara's Psycho ex-agent was a pretender, and not really an agent, restraining order placed, not really working.
4.Teen aged girl shoots mom's girlfriend( Sean's wife, Julia) in the face. Julia was married to Sean, but had a son (the sister humper) with Christen who is Sean's best friend. She is currently trying to be a lesbian with Portia de-Rossi (then again who wouldn't do that?)
5. The psycho agent, has killed a real agent and then stuffed him with teddy bear stuffing and kept him on ice for 3 months. Puts the teddy corpse in Sean's closet, after he finally presses full charges to get her arrested and put in a psych ward. Too little too late.
6. Julia who was shot in the head, has made a semi recovery, and is in the hospital with AMNESIA! So she can't tell the cops that her girlfriend's kid shot her in the head.
7. The entire episode Sean has been running from the paparazzi and it all comes to a head when Christen is driving Sean's daughter to get lunch and the paparazzi swag the car trying to get pictures of Sean's daughter, and they get T-boned in the intersection. Neither Christen nor Sean's daughter is hurt, but the girl needs some plastic surgery...daddy does it no problems...
8. EXCEPT the psycho ex-agent who has escaped the capture of Southern California's finest, AND the FBI somehow gets past the elaborate security system and walks into the operating theater, just as Sean sends his nurse out to get gauze and tape to bandage the daughters head and stabs Sean repeatedly in the back with a 15" chef's knife...end scene.

ALL in one episode...I mean is it fucking sweeps week?

So here is a letter to Ms. Jennifer Salt Writer of Episode #514 "Candy Richards"

Dear Ms. Salt,

Eat a bag of shit you suck.


PS; Hated you as Eunice Tate-Leitner in "Soap"

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