Wednesday, February 06, 2008


It is a culture that I will never understand

She stands at the counter silent, waiting to be checked out. Her skin is the color of a dark roast coffee, she is sporting some Morgan Freeman-esque freckles, and is in her pajamas. Her purchases sitting on the counter in front of her, white label with gold writing, it is 7 am on a Wednesday. As she gets checked out the clerk doesn't bat an eye at her purchases, I standing behind and off to the left, and can only wonder what kind of circumstances would create someone who needs two 22oz cans of Colt 45 at 7am on a Wednesday.

I HOPE I never get to find that answer out.

The roads are ok as long as you aren't driving one of those angry little cars that sit .5 inches off the ground and sound like a swarm of mad hornets looking for Daffy Duck. Oh and if you aren't a complete fucking moron...but I'm guessing if you are reading this you'll be safe, I think all of the used snatch plugs are off the road, they have to be they were all in front of me.

Enjoy the lack luster road cleaning ability of the KCMO road crews.

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