Monday, February 25, 2008


Home on the Range

Yesterday I went to the shooting range with a friend of mine because he just purchased his first AR-15. Notice I didn't say his first assault rifle, it is his 4th assault weapon. he also owns 2 AK-47's, and a mini 14, all in .223 caliber.

Why does one need so many weapons? Well he is one of the millions of people that are gearing up for the end of times. I don't judge him, I also don't think he is too far off. However we have a plan, he brings the arsenal, I provide the land. But nevertheless, we were at the range with fun new weapons to shoot.

First I shot one of his AK-47's, it was different then my deer rifle only in the fact that the trigger pull and open sights were WAY different then I'm used to. The AK has a trigger pull of about 6 lbs, and my deer rifle has a pull of about 4. There is also a trigger stroke difference. And if you don't know what that means, it is like having two different stick shift cars, and one of them clutches near the floor and the other one the clutch engages near the top of the clutch pedal. It isn't bad, it is just different.

Then I shot his AR-15.

I now know why the American military chooses this weapon for their carry gun of choice. Wow! what A difference. With the muzzle compensator (It is the cool thing filled with holes at the business end of the barrel that allows the gas to be forced back at the shooter so that there is more noise but CONSIDERABLY less muzzle jump, which means you keep it on target easier) It was SWEET! had the same trigger difference as the AK, but WOW what a smooth firing, easy to shoot and great looking weapon. If I was to buy one I would need to get a longer stock though, my orangutan arms need a little more distance to the trigger.

I brought to the party my .357 scoped hunting pistol. But as we found out at the gun shop, my scope bell was resting on the scope rail causing shadowing and I needed to buy new scope rings. They made all of the difference, however I now need to re-sight the damn thing in and who knows when I'll have the time. I guess I'll have to swap out the cannon, for the .45 for under my pillow.

While we were up at the range, I was delightfully surprised at the number of women there who were shooting and shooting better then either I or my Man date could. Not to mention the 60+ year old broad who was at the gun shop .38 snub nose in hand and waiting on the target of the day and some groovy instruction. And I'm not trying to be sexist and I hope I don't come off that way, hell until I was 21 my Mom could out shoot me when we all went hunting, and it had nothing to do with me getting better it had everything to do with her eyesight getting worse. My Aunt, Mom's sister, still the best shot in 3 counties. But I think it is great that there are more and more women that are taking self defense to the next level. It is one thing to be prepared for an attacker and know the keys to the eyes trick and the stomp on the instep is completely different when that women says, "I will not be a victim, nor will I allow this predator to victimize anyone else either" and she is packing heat. I applaud that!

I know too many women who have been victimized and have told me that had they knew how to use a gun and they carried one, there would be one less scum ball on the streets or in our prison system.

Besides chicks with guns are HOT!

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