Friday, February 29, 2008


The Guest Post

Every once in a while a friend of mine who doesn't blog but reads everyones spewing like a deranged squirrel looking for that last nut before winter sets in.

Well getting on to the point, he sent me an email yesterday and I asked if I could post it in it's entirety, and he agreed. BUT before I do that there is but one thing to mention, I don't think that Tony and My relationship is anymore then a online game of "The Dozens". White people, ask your black friends what that is if you don't know. We are just having a good time that some may see as angry and close to blows (no homo). It isn't like that for me and I hope Tony sees it the same way...and if not well read on bitch!


Kind of killing some time here and had several random thoughts about your recent posts and the world in general. Which means you are the lucky soul who has been chosen to endure my mental purge. (Yeah, I know the grammar checker had a field day with that one, and is kinda wrong given what I say below. But read on.)

First, ignore TKC. I have heard references to him on the radio for a couple years. I think I even heard him speak a couple times. He sounds like a late 20’s nerd who has slightly overestimated his importance. Then about a month ago I decided to visit his site. WTF! This is what all the fuss is about???!!! If this is Kansas City’s shining city on the blogging hill, We should all unplug our computers, get rid of our cell phones, ipods - anything digital in fact, because technology will lead us nowhere. His site has all the charm and allure of a twerp of a sophomore who got thrown off the school newspaper staff because he sprayed graffiti on the outfield fence of the ball diamond, then tries to show people he was way too cool for the bunch of fools at the school paper. (That was in NO way biographical.) And, what’s with the sprinkling of girlie pictures. Great mix, snide comments about local people and events and pictures of not quite pin-up girls. This guy’s life has a title: Less Than Zero. Ignore him. **EDIT...Premeditation**

I really like the DXM Blog. The best thing about him is he writes in real sentences, and uses proper grammar and spelling. The only thing I learned from the TA in speech 101, the one with the round ass, firm little tits and horrible complexion, was - everything is communication. If you have a message and you want to convey it, you have a much better chance of doing so if your audience doesn’t have to decipher the message through bad grammar and atrocious spelling. Logical thought is another issue. (This should be the basic argument against Ebonics and Hispanic instruction for Hispanic children in American schools. Don’t get me started on locally produced TV and radio spots.) I once tried to read a book about Will Rodgers. The authors were little more than editors. They offered commentary and grouped his columns, speeches and jokes together, and off you went. Bad thing is Will wasn’t well schooled, and apparently his editors at the time let his stuff run the way it came off his typewriter. After about 100 pages I could no longer endure “yer”, “fer” and the rest of his vast array of alternative spellings. Love the way the man thought, but each slip was like a karate chop to the windpipe.

Which brings me to a current trend that makes me sad; we are watching the death of “you are” and its half brother “you’re” particularly in the spoken word. Both are being pushed aside for their bastard step cousin “your.” My fourth grade teacher is still alive, bless her nearly 95 year old heart, or I am sure she would be spinning in her grave.

But back to DXM. I haven’t wandered too far in, so I haven’t found much of his self proclaimed leftward political leanings. He claims he didn’t drink the CNN koolaid, but he certainly drank from the well. I think this guy needs to move to fly-over country and get a job that does not involve media. He would learn a thing or two.
I experienced something very similar to my TKC experience with the Daily Kos. I checked there a year ago or so and it was one continuous page of tooting their own horn. Never been back. Don’t care to venture onto Huffinton Post. I’ve seen her on TV a couple times. She is a cross between Zsa Zsa Gabor and Teresa Heinz-Kerry. A former Eastern Block wench with a bitter attitude and a bucket of bleach. That woman hasn’t had an intelligent thought her entire life.

Well, I need to get back to making some money for the man. (For those of you who think we need to tax the snot out of the rich, have you ever been given a job by a poor man?)


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