Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Fucking Mechanics...

Free oil change?

Yeah that is what the card says.

Well I tried that place once and it requires an appointment.

So call and get one it is a free oil change.

Ok I'll do that.

*ring* *ring*

Thank you for calling Meineke this is *******, how can I help you?

I need an appointment for an oil change.

Well we are pretty busy, I don't have anything open until Monday.

I'll take it.

See you at 4:30

Since I knew that if I got there early (much like a haircut) They may have time to squeeze me in. So I get there about 4:15, and naturally since I thought I was helping they picked this day to be behind schedule by 30 minutes. So I tell him I'll wait.

As I'm waiting with a pair of people that really just make me fucking angry, the first is a talkative douchebag that feels the need to share his view point of every segment of every case on Judge Judy, which by the way was the only channel they get at this store of stores. It is the only one that comes in on their RABBIT EARS. I shit you not he is going to be without TV at this time next year when the world goes digital.

And the second one is a girl, who is easily 320 lbs, and 5 feet tall, who is unemployed and raising a daughter, she is supported by her boyfriend, who it didn't sound like was actually the babies daddy.

Somewhere there were a couple of villages missing their idiots.

So I wait and read an old National Geographic, who some outstanding mother or father has let their toddler scribble all over it in green crayon, another shining example of parenthood.

And I wait.

***** Says, "Nightmare?"


Your vehicle needs a LOT of work done to it.

Oh really? I reply...like what?

Well the air filter needs changed, it needs new plug wires, cap and rotor, transmission drained and flushed, power steering fluid drained and replaced, tires balanced and rotated.

Wait, Transmission flushed? How often does that need to happen?

Oh well that HAS to happen every 30,000 miles.

Really, well I'm pretty sure that I don't need THAT to happen...I just had that transmission rebuilt last year and to do that they need to drain and flush it. (So now I'm pretty leery about the rest of the work that ***** tells me that I NEED)

***** replys; Well I'll have them take another look at that and make sure that they haven't made a mistake.

Yeah that is an excellent idea. But you are right my tires need to be rotated. So I wait with the two miscreants, and I sit painfully waiting for the news to come on because one can only take so much trailer park gossip. ***** comes back in and this is what he tells me.

"There are 4 basic fluids that the guys check and sometimes...SOMETIMES, they will check one or two and then make a blanket statement regarding the other 2-3"

So they don't always check all of the fluid levels? Or if they REALLY need to be replaced?

"Sometimes, they don't do it right"

Well I feel much better about my free oil change at one of the more respected places to have work on your car done. I see that my car is brought around, and I take my keys and leave. I get about a block away from the repair shop and I notice that my hood is unlatched.


So I quickly dial the Meineke number, and inform ***** that his douchebag mechanics have left the hood of my vehicle UNLATCHED and that they need to make a better effort at customer service...***** agrees with me.

I get to a place to where I can pull over and I get out to shut my hood....seems simple enough, yet it isn't.

It seems as though the fucksticks in charge of oil changes have made it impossible to shut my hood. I call ***** back and inform him that no one gets to go home until my shit is fixed. He agrees and I head BACK to the shop.

Once I get there I see him run to the back and and shortly one of the ugliest grease monkeys I have ever seen comes out and says he was the guy working on my car and he thinks he knows what happened.

"See I think I reset your hood latch because I couldn't find the release"

WHAT?? You fucking bent my hood to open it?

"OH No I didn't damage it...could you get it in pull the release lever again?

If it wasn't for his little helper standing right there covered in grease I would have made them do it, but who needs to spend all week cleaning extraneous oil off of ones leather seats?

So I reach in pull the lever and he resets the latch, shuts the hood and it sounds just like it did when I opened it last week.

So if I was a smart man, which I think I am, I would avoid the Meineke car repair shop . I don't want to tell you exactly which one, they do have my name and address, but I can safely say that as a first impression, THOSE guys get a big fat fucking F for customer satisfaction, and an A for the effort to get me to spend 100's more dollars on miscellaneous "necessary" repairs.

Fuck off ***** and George Foreman for being a spokesman for this chop shop.

HOWEVER I did order my wedding shoes from Zappos, and they came in yesterday and THEY FUCKING ROCK!! here is a picture...

That's right kiddys, Nightmare will be sporting a pair of Leather Chucks to walk down the aisle in! They kick more ass then Chuck Norris!

I know you're all Jealous!

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