Thursday, January 17, 2008


We love to bend you over and it shows!!

So I was supposed to be on the 8:20 to Atlanta this morning, and then on the 2:40 to Nassau Bahamas for the second time in a month, because the last time they weren't ready for us, now they are and the airline decides that out of the 8 flights to Atlanta the ONE that are going to cancel due to "weather" was ours...and since they took it upon themselves to cancel that flight they also gave away our seats on the corresponding next leg to Nassau from Atl. So even if we could have to Atl. by the time our 2:20 flight took off we had no way to get to Nassau.

Delta....We love to fuck you up the ass...AND it shows!

Here is a picture from the last time I was there!!


I forgot to finish the fucked up part of this tale. DElta, wnt ahead and booked us on the last flight to Atl. At 5:45 pm tonight, with an overnight in Atl, and no they aren't paying for it, and then the fist flight into Nassau in the morning. So I don't even get to go the meat up.

Heh heh MEAT UP, that is what I call my boners!

So piece ut and have fun tonight without me...I'm gonna call Dusty and see if he and the skirt want to hang at a sleazy hotel bar and have watered down cocktails for twice the price of a new black market kidney. Or maybe Joe would like to join us, his new book is unbelievably funny. He is one of those guys where shit happens to him on a daily basis, and he can tell you as if was the best thing since sliced fire. (combo of Sliced bread and Fire...two things most people think are the worlds greatest inventions) Anyway buy his book, and read it you will be wetting your pants in no time, unless your like X who does it because he is old.

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