Friday, January 04, 2008



I don't remember what I was watching the other night but it got me thinking about the different styles of Temptation.

Is Temptation good or is it evil?

Don't answer too fast, it can be both. In the classic definition of Temptation it is portrayed as a vehicle of evil, as in Jesus was Tempted by the Serpent, or Adam was Tempted by Eve. But couldn't the Temptation also be used for good when you use it to become a stronger person, as a character building exercise. Does Temptation break down your inhibitions and cause you to react poorly in adverse situations or does it make you stand tall and become stronger in character as well as spirit?

I don't have any reasoning behind this question it is more a philosophical whimsy. A search for an undiscovered truth if you will.

Does this post tempt you to leave a comment or to just pass on through because I didn't have the picture of Paris Hilton smoking weed, or Pam Anderson's blow job on Tommy Lee. I'm not saying I don't have those pictures, I'm just not TEMPTED to post them here.

Let me know how you deal with temptation.

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