Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Sure I was in the BAhamas but...

Xavier so eloquently put it last week that I was going to be in a tropical paradise while everyone else was stuck here in the frozen tundra, and dealing with sub-zero temperatures.

Well so fucking what!

Do you know how much of the island I got to see this time around?


We were up at 6:00am at the job site by 8:00, and we worked inside until 10:30 or 11:00 every night....inside the store, it was dark when we left.

So it doesn't really matter that I was in the Bahamas, I COULD HAVE BEEN IN FUCKING DULUTH FOR THAT MATTER! Being inside of a store for 52 hours over the course of 4 days does not leave much time for socializing on the beach, drinking fruity umbrella drinks or singing Jimmy Buffett karaoke. So for all of you people thinking it was all that and a bag of weed...well it's like Judas Priest says.."You got another thing coming".

Oh and get this, on the way home last night fucking Delta lost one of my bags. They say it will generally be on the following flight but they will let me know.

I hate fucking Delta. I have flown over a 100 times on Southwest, and even though they pack you in like cattle, they have YET to miss place my luggage. Or give me attitude.

I also had a big argument with some cum guzzling gutter slut who insisted that I was being "snarky" (whatever the fuck that means) when I was angry when some fucking JO-CO cunt was trying to jam a, obviously too fucking big a bag into the overhead compartment. She tried to tell me that I should be helping this woman, instead of pointing out that there was no fucking way on gods green earth that her particular bag would fit in that little size thingy and that I shouldn't be punished because I can fucking read and follow the rules posted by the airline.

Naturally Delta makes her point for her by promptly losing my bags.

So I'm grumpy, tired, pissed off, and OH YEAH NOT DONE!! I have to go back next Wednesday to fucking finish the job because our fucking ex-con woodworkers can't follow simple model directions. They made an entire piece backwards and shipped so now we look like a bunch of monkeys throwing shit at tourists.

I am so fucking in love with my work! One of these days I'm going to call one of these headhunters back and move the fuck on.

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