Sunday, January 06, 2008


Election Year

As we all know this year marks the end of the Bush reign of stupidity and America will elect a new President. In an effort to make your decision making easier The Fox Network has created a Candidate Matchmaker program and within 20 questions you will be suppled with who you are most compatible with as a president.

I decided to do this, I wanted to see who they thought I was most in love with as a presidential candidate.

Using my truthful answers my result was:Bill Richardson 53%
A close second and third were Fred Thompson 50% and John McCain 45%. Not surprising really, I tend to lean toward anyone who isn't trying to take my guns away, I like my guns and since I am not using them to kill people or rob banks, I say NO ONE has the right to take them away.

HOWEVER, I was a little curious as to how this program works so I decided to see if I could get a candidate that I THOUGHT was more compatible with the rest of my beliefs like supporting gay marriage, the Woman's right to an abortion and less affirmative action. But what I really wanted to see was how accurate were the questions in deciding who I should be voting for. So I put in that I SUPPORTED STRONGLY everything on the questionnaire, guess what? I still got?


SO I went the other way and thought I would disagree with ALL of the questions, and guess who I got?


Who the fuck is Duncan Hunter?

So I tried to think like a liberal and answer like I know that my wonderful younger brother would answer and I got...


Who is this fucking guy? A FORMER senator from fucking Alaska? Who in their right mind would think this guy is a good candidate? He was closely followed by Dennis Kucinich 60% and Hillary Clinton 50%

So I keep going and try and get to a Obak or a Giuliani, and I must have tried 75% of the combinations to try and get one of the front runners of the democratic party and I could not get it done, and the worst part is no matter what I answered I could never get a candidate to score higher then a 65%.

I don't know about you but I seem to remember that a 65% is a failing grade. If I did nothing but bring home a 65% not only would I have never graduated from high school , I doubt seriously if I would have been able to even get a job singing "DING FRIES ARE DONE" at the local BK.

How did our Government get so fucked up that we as Americans have settled for failing grades? I know that this stupid program isn't the end all be all for choosing a candidate but if you look at the way everything else is run it seems that we hold our elected officials to lower standards then we do our kindergarten students as far as grading goes.

So until I can find a candidate that believes in the following ideals...I guess that I will keep looking.

Views I support
1) Death Penalty.
2) Abortion is the right of EVERY woman.
3) Affirmative Action should be abolished.
4) Gun ownership should never be challenged. the 2nd amendment was put in place so that if our government got out of control we could overthrow it, this was back when the government had muskets and knives, and the people had muskets and knives, and nowadays the government has Apache helicopters and the people have muskets and knives. We are basically fucked.
5) Gay marriage should be legal
6) Family values shouldn't be the same as prayer in school. I feel that family values SHOULD be taught in School but without the help of a religious background. I know several dozen great familes that have nothing to do with religion and their family values stem from core beliefs in RIGHT FROM WRONG, God doesn't enter the equation...or at least man's interpretation of God.
7) Three strikes, ABSOLUTELY! and in some cases that is 2 strikes too many.
8) Social Security, reform it! 78% of the people polled believe that Elvis is is alive more then they believe they will ever see a dime of the SS they are paying into right now! (At least that is a C+)
9) Alternative Fuel...the WHOLE planet should be working on this! Did no one see Water World? or Road Warrior?
10)War on drugs is not working 55% of all convicts are in for NON VIOLENT drug offenses. Weed should be legal and taxed just like liquor and cigarettes. People don't smoke it because it is illegal, and people who don't smoke weed will not suddenly run out and smoke it because it is suddenly legal. People who want to smoke weed do so...when you can ask anyone 10 years old or older where to get it and they can tell you it is time to change the laws.
11) Illegal Immigrants...GET THE FUCK OUT! Like I was telling Mr XO the other day My family has been on the same plot of land for 150 years, were the first settlers in that county and they came though the system LEGALLY. I do not see where the rest of the fucking planet shouldn't play by the same rules as, we gave up the language of the homeland, we were HAPPY to be AMERICANS and we changed who we were without losing sight of who we wanted to be.

So as soon as someone who can tell me that all of these things are in their CORE beliefs and WILL make the changes necessary, I will be Diogenes, and keep looking for an honest man.

Use the Fox thing if you want but I think Trashman still has my vote. (besides if he wins I get a cabinet post)

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