Saturday, January 12, 2008


Anger...Love some.

I know that it has been a while since I had a good angry rant, but for the most part that is because I have been burned out. all of the anger that should have been pent up and ready for a good explosion....well it was released over the course of the last week or so.

I spent three days in Omaha doing someones job, not my own! I know it is a silly thing but I am a company man and I am too stupid to find anything better. I was taught to work hard and your reward will be great. What I get is more fucking work.

Naturally when the 3, seemingly competent, people went to the great state of Nebraska to do their jobs, in what would have been a reasonable time line, and they began to fail, the reserves were called up.

Which meant me and 2 guys from a different dept, and the first three guys' boss.

**Side Note** When your supervisor has to pull your ass out of the fire it is easily the absolute best time to kiss ass and be eternally grateful. It isn't a good time to spend all of your cigarette breaks with your girlfriend whom you have brought with you to the job site.

**End Side Note*

So when we get there it takes me and one other guy about 4 hours to pull them out of the weeds and get them straightened out but we stay an extra 16 hours to make sure that they will be able to get the job done. which means they will be free to go on to the next WAY more important job out of country! That was Dec. 29th and 30th.

They failed and had to leave country. The client was unamused and I was called back into action...I felt like Solider Girl Tricked into a second tour of duty. Except my boss is more like El Duche.

The second trip, last Tuesday, we had to START work at 6:30 am, which meant that I had to LEAVE KC at 3:30AM! And the job was supposed to last until 12 noon on Wednesday. Needless to say when it was 3pm on Wednesday and we were still finding out that the previous worker bees had either thrown away, or lost or shipped back to the main office, a TON of FUCKING PARTS THAT WE STILL NEEDED BECAUSE THEY NEVER READ THE FUCKIN MANUALS I WAS LESS THEN THRILLED!!

As a matter of fact I tried to buy a new pistol just so I would have one that I could toss into a blast furnace after I had killed them and fed their bodies to the hog farm up the street.

So after staying until Thursday and waiting for all of the parts and pieces to show up (Thank you UPS for the first AM shipping option), it gave us considerable amount of time drink our weight in rum (Thank you sailor jerry) and figure out that we had amassed a labor overage to the tune of about $30,000.

That always makes the bottom line shrink up like my sack on a cold day swimming.

So I am now wondering if we are looking for some new help...anyone know someone who is handy with a tool box, and owns his own tools, likes to travel and get paid in beer and fireworks? I know a guy they should talk to.

I learned that the United States is bankrupt. With the Social Security system that we have in place and the first of the baby boomers being eligible to receive all that they have paid into for the last 50 years, America id creating a 2-3 TRILLION dollars a year deficit. GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF FDR!

On the way home from Omaha, and if you have ever been there you know it is right up I-29 and really easy to find, but on the way home I saw some absolutely ludicrous shit.

There is a cemetery built on a hillside.


Why would you ever consider building a final resting place where you would need to be a billy goat to visit, or make a deposit. It makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Speaking of cemeteries, whose idea was it to lay people down when they are buried? It would make so much more sense to use a big assed auger and drop people in like Pegs in teh game of life. and think how easy it would be to exhume the bodies, just have to put a big eye hook in the top and leave it about a foot or two under ground, dig down a bit hook the tow cable to it and lift it right up. Plus you could pack a shit ton more dead people in the same place.

Hell with a long enough auger you could fit a family of five in the same tube.

And I thought this was Funny...

In a news conference Deanna Favre announced she will be the starting QB for
the Packers this coming Sunday. Deanna asserts that she is qualified to be
starting QB because she has spent the past 16 years married to Brett while
he played QB for the Packers.

During this period of time she became familiar with the definition of a
corner blitz, and is now completely comfortable with other terminology of
the Packers offense. She's flown on the team airplane with all the players
and had been to all the other playing fields.

She's tossed the football around to all the receivers during team picnics.
A survey of Packers fans shows that 50% of those polled supported the move.

Does this sounds idiotic and unbelievable to you?

Well, Hillary Clinton makes the same claims as to why she is qualified to be
President and 50% of democrats polled agreed. She has never run a
City, County, or State. When told Hillary Clinton has experience because she
has 8 years in the white house, Dick Morris stated "so has the pastry chef".

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