Thursday, December 06, 2007


Omaha Morons and the people who blame everyone else

So I'm watching the TV this morning because well I like to think that the magic Gnomes inside the box are talking to me personally, and I see that once again some knucklehead has decided to kill a bunch of people before killing himself.

Again it shows the stupidity of the gunman...shoot yourself first and THEN the crowd.

But what has pissed me off the most this morning is the stupid talking heads on the news. Now I watch Fox because it is the most entertaining and I like looking at Lauren Halifax...I liked her in short hair more, but that was...never mind, I think she is hot, end of story. But these stupid cockmonkeys start the story with "The killers hard life may be to blame for this massacre".


That is such a crock a shit blaming the fucking kids home life or environment for a fucking killing spree. This pile of shit Hawkins was nothing more then a douche bag what had a gun and thought it would be fun to fuck up the lives of an entire CITY!

He is not a product of his environment, he is ...was a psycho, who lived on one bad life decision after another. Kicked out of his house...doing drugs, lost his girlfriend..who knows he is 19 that shit happens, fired from Micky D's for much fucking dumber can you get??!!!

If this is the case for why he shot people, then I am going home and getting my guns...all 15 of them, and I'm headed to the plaza!! My home life was WAAY more unsatisfying as that jerkoff. I can't even count the number of times I have been kicked to the curb by some broad, or my parents were angry with me, or all the time I spent in jail for stupid shit...ok that wasn't that much a couple of overnighters and one 20 day stretch at the work farm, but still, You don't see anyone else with that ticky tack kind of bullshit shooting people.

Fuck Homeless bums living under the over pass that beg for change, don't go on killing sprees and I saw one arguing with a cup o' noodles the other day and HE LOST!

So don't tell me that this waste of space was a product of a rough couple of weeks. He is dead, and out of the gene pool which is good.

My condolences to the immediate family members of those people he murdered, and to the city of Omaha who have to live with his decision to murder instead of moving on.

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