Monday, December 31, 2007


I'm Sorry...

I had to abruptly cancel my hosting of the blogger meet and greet at Mickeys last Saturday, because my wonderful place of employment needed my assistance. Putting it that way doesn't make it seem like such a giant clusterfuck where they have to call in all able bodies who know their way around a tool box and do an install that was failing in Omaha...for two days.

I got back last might around 9:30, and had a tickle in my sinuses and throat, and now I have a full blown case of the flu and I am a whinny baby. I have a fever, more mucus then a class of 2nd graders and I am so sore from the emergency installation that I can barely move.

Bouby has it too and it looks like we'll be in bed when the ball drops.

Huge Pity party table for two?

Anyway other then being sick and overworked on what should have been a 4 day weekend everything is just fucking peachy.

Here is another reason to flush the toilet EVERY TIME- if you leave a wad of snot filled toilet paper in the bowl and then come back in 3-4 hours later, 1/2 asleep you will freak out, because it sounds way different then normal, and think you are pissing on the floor. So you ALMOST bust your penis trying to grip it and reverse flow all at the same time.

So remember kids, just flush and avoid penile injury, or pissing on the floor.

Happy fucking New Year

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