Sunday, December 16, 2007


Back like a bad case of the crabs

Ok so I was supposed to be in the Bahamas until Tuesday, but due to some lazy sub contractors who work on the "soon come" clock..As in when will you be coming to work? "Soon come Mon!" the store that we were supposed to be building was no where near ready to have the interior installed. As a matter of fact there was SEVERAL things built wrong that would cause us to make on sight changes to the design...which I am never a fan of, So we came home early.

My co-worker tried like hell to talk me and our PM, as well as the head of the company in the Bahamas that we are working for that we could do some post production engineering and all would be just fine!! well I made the suggestion that we just table our part of this until the island guys get the store completed to the point that we could walk in and install our stuff and be in and out in 3-4 days as opposed to doing nothing, or not much anyway and having to sit and wait, or work through basic construction, which sucks. So we came home.

Now if you are planning on coming to the Bahamas let me enlighten you as to why I think it is a bad idea.

The Bahamas is a British commonwealth, and they act like a third world country. It is FILTHY down there. Every corner of every right angle is packed with wind blown trash. It is a sad place. This is where Columbus landed 500 years ago and met with the Arawak people, there is still a faction of these ancient people still on the island and at low tide here is what their legacy seems to be.

If you can't tell what that is it is this...

A GINNORMOUS pile of conch (pronounced CONK) shells, that stunk like the shit house door on a tuna boat. Here is a picture of some of the Arawak's and their man made vessels..
Here is the other side of the Cay, it is pretty during sunset...

So the view was spectacular, however the hotel was gross at best. If you ever need to go do not, I repeat DO NOT stay at the Nassau Palm Hotel. It used to be a Holiday Inn and would not have been my first choice if I had more then one pick. Hell I would have rather stayed in almost any other hotel. Here is a couple pics of the view...

Now since this place was a big time pirate lair for a couple hundred years naturally there was finally some time where someone had to come up with a fort to protect the people from the evil people, and that is what this is...well it is the barracks of the soldiers who were a part of the fort.

Now I want you to look closely at that picture. Do you see the live POWER line coming in from the right?

This is where that line is attached...

yes that is the hand rail for the observation stairs on the top of the barracks. Could you get any more ghetto? And this is run by the commonwealth!! this isn't a couple of dirt merchants stealing power from the cafe neon below their apartment window, this is a NATIONAL MONUMENT!!

This is a couple of pics from the top of the barracks...

Here are the cannons that are a good 150 yards from the barracks...

So if you want to go to the Caribbean, please do!! It is a wonderful place, just go to the Grand Caymans, or an all inclusive resort like Hedonism II or III. I had a great time don't get me wrong, and the people are totally nice! I love the people there, they are amazing, but it just seems that if they would clean it up a bit it would be a slice of heaven instead of just a working land fill.

Here are some random left over pics I liked...

And I can tell by the enthusiasm that maybe the brass rail isn't the best place for anyone to if you want to have a post Christmas, pre-new years cocktail, lets go back to Mickys!!

Mickey's Irish Pub
(816) 455-6868
420 NW Englewood

4:30pm December 29th

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