Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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As most of you know I'm engaged. To Bouby. Yes "D" she is a Woman, so save it. Yesterday we got a call from the Father-in-law, and somehow the conversation turned to dress for the wedding. Now for the last 35 years I have always said when I got married it was going to be a casual affair and more then likely a big party with a "I Do" somewhere in the middle of it. I found a woman who agreed with that philosophy, Boub is all for it and we have planned it that way.

This was all thrown to the wolves yesterday because daddy in law "suggested" that we may want to dress up for the ceremony part, because her Grammy would want to see her like that, all dressed up in a dress and my sexy self in some sort of suit/tux. I waited until Bouby got off the phone and we were on the way to the record bar to help celebrate Greg's Birthday before I threw a conniption fit.

You see I don't understand why other people think they have any right to dictate how someone wants to get married, or divorced for that matter. We are both over 30, (Me WAAY over, into the next set of numbers actually)we aren't asking anyone to pay for any of this, we expect all of the guests to pay close attention to where we are registered, The Federal Reserve Bank, because we do have 2 households full of crap as it is, we don't need another toaster, or blender, or place settings...we want cash! Cold hard Cash...I want Bouby to walk around with a big hand bag ala The Godfather and let people fill it with little envelops filled with moola. And since we have all of this planned out naturally Grammy wants to fuck it up by adding the extra expense of a wedding dress and a tux, for the fucking wedding pictures.

It would be different if daddy-o was footing the bill, or if Grammy herself was kicking down some extra flava for the cause, but we aren't asking, don't need it, just sit back enjoy the party, have fun and hand us the tiny envelop overflowing with greenbacks. When did this day of all days become about what you wear, who you invite and what kind of place are you holding it in?

This is OUR day, NO ONE ELSE'S, and I know we need to keep her happy so the retarded Uncle doesn't get the inheritance...Which is quite large..(For Bouby, I don't give a crap about that Money doesn't trip my trigger like some folks). So it looks like I'll need a tux for 15 mins on the 12th of April....anyone got a size 52 athletic cut tux laying around?

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