Tuesday, November 20, 2007


This just IN!

NFL Players are not the stand up citizens we all think they are!

Ok most of them are, (Except the Cincinnati Bungles)decent human beings who just happen to have a pretty cool job, and a penchant for tattoos, hip hop, and the occasional arrest.

But as we all know I am a fan of football. Having missed my window to the pros with a broken spine from a night of drunken debauchery, but I still love the game. Last night I was appalled at the news of one player they just happened to keep talking about a one Mr. Travis Henry.

Travis was an outstanding running back for the University of Tennessee, drafted by the Bills traded to the Titans (after he cried about being a back up, and ultimately playing for the Bronco's.

What really pissed me off though was the report that he was appealing the test results that stated he tested positive for weed, that would have him suspended for one year.

The NFL doesn't have a "0" tolerance policy for weed. They have a three strikes and your out policy. So this isn't the first time this douchebag tested hot for substance abuse. So this is what he is basing his whole appeal on...the wording of the questions.

My many inside sources said this; "According to the source, the line of questioning from the lie detector test was introduced as evidence during the appeal hearing, but it was not impressive.

“There were questions like…‘did you smoke a marijuana joint between these such and such dates?”

“What’s wrong with that? It doesn’t ask you if you smoked the marijuana from a bong or a pipe,” answered the my fucking source.

“The question should have been, did you knowingly ingest marijuana,” explained a close personal friend of Travis and Nightmare

“There is a reason why the League doesn’t use hair sample tests and lie detector tests; they’re not reliable,” Said my fucking cool source.

This whole fucking fiasco screams ghetto lawyer. Let me take a second to break this down for you Mr. Henry.

You have a life span in the NFL of abot 10 years if you're REALLY fucking good. Most running backs tend to last 5-6 years. So your job depends on you being able to run the fucking football in, around, and through defenders. THAT is how you make money. Now in the rule book that each rookie is given and has to sign states that there will not be any drug use, and if there is the bailiff will whack your pee pee. (I'm paraphrasing). So in order to keep your job all you have to do is not smoke weed, snort blow, ingest meth, shoot heroin, smoke crack, sniff glue, or smuggle 30 balloons of Mexican angel dust up your ass across the boarder. And I don't care if you smoke weed, I think weed is harmless. but I'm not a multi billion dollar corporation that is signing your fucking checks. so lets try NOTsmoking the fucking weed.

It sounds simple enough, so why can't Travis not smoke the weed? Well that is easily explained. He can't stop smoking the weed because he is strictly GHETTO! Trash at it's finest, worthless piles of grabasstic whale shit...and that is clear at the bottom of the ocean. This cocksucker also has 9 kids from 9 babies mommas and claims he can't pay child support because he don't have any money....yeah a pro football player who doesn't have any money to take care of his kids??? RIGHT!

Also on the interwebs is a story about his hot check for fancy jewelry in Texas.

Now that is real Ghetto. Parents please don't let your children watch this ass monkey. he is not only a bad roll model but he is also an uneducated lout who has trouble forming polysyllabic words.

I hope Travis finds this...well what are the odds he knows how to use a computer? His own website still has him playing in a Titan's uniform. Besides he probably sold it for a nickel bag.

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