Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Paying my Debt...

I never welch on a bet, I used to work for a bookie in college, as a collector, not as someone smart who set the lines, just someone who could get people to pay up and I never wanted to pay myself a visit.

So when I confidently laid a bet on my beloved Wildcats to trounce the now #4 team in the country, and cross state rivalry Kansas Jayhawks...who'da thunk we'd lose? Well Darren over at The "D" Rules, That's who So the bet was a guest posting on each others site...Here is the pay off!

Till next year D.

In a previous post on my site Nightmare asked me a very good question in the comments. As I was answering him I decided that it was just too long of an answer for the comments and decided to turn it in to a post.

His question was "Why do you run? I have never understood the benefit of running. I lift weights, I am strong, I lift heavy things...people ask me to lift heavy things every day. I have never had anyone ask "Hey...can you start running now and I'll pick you up in 20 miles" Seems like a lot of wasted energy."
That's a really great question Night thanks for asking! It's a debate that has been going on since Moses wore shorts, and I pretty sure it was the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire.

I first started running when I was in the Marine Corps back in the early 1990's while stationed at Camp Pendleton, which is about an hour or so north of San Diego (you know, that city named after a whales vagina.) If you've driven from San Diego to L.A. then you drive right though it. The San Onofre Nuclear power plant is right there, it looks like two really big tits.) I started running then because believe it or not I had weight issues back then too. But I never had fitness issues. I was also in my early 20's then and I had a much faster metabolism then I do now. I would run 3 miles in the morning either in formation for our morning P.T. (Physical Training) and I would also run 3 miles at lunch. I also had to keep my time down in order to keep a perfect PFT (Physical Fitness Test) score of 300. At the same time I was also lifting weights with the rest of the platoon. After liberty call we would all hit the gym and have lifting competitions. I don't think I need to tell you but I never won any of them. We'd have competitions for bench press, squats, dead lifts, and just about any other competitions that you can think of to prove who the bigger man was. The machismo was rampant! (It's funny to me now but I actually weight less now that I did back then.)

All though my 4 year service in the Marine Corps I lifted weights, when I was station aboard the U.S.S. Peleliu on our way to and from Somolia and Rwanda I was a member of what we called the 300 Club. The 300 Club was a small group of Marines in my battalion that could bench press 300 pounds at least one time. We'd have contest every Friday for any one that wanted to try to Marine UP! As we liked to say. It's quite a different story trying to bench 300 pounds while the ship is rolling and pitching.

When I was Honorably Discharged in September 1994 I stopped lifting because the weights just go to be way too heavy.

As to why I run now? I think I get a better work out from running. I enjoy the time alone to think about things that may be bothering me or just to have some time alone. It also burns more calories than lifting weights in the same amount of time. You can't burn 1000 calories in an hour lifting weights but you can running, if you run fast enough. That's why I always thought I would get a better work out running that I did lifting. As many people know you only work a certain part of your body, whether you work just your arms, or shoulders, back, chest, or legs. Running you work your whole body.

One benefit of running is that when you and your lady are walking down the street and some coked out idiot comes and swipes her purse and keeps running. Would a person who lifts be able to run after him and catch the dude? Probably not, those coke heads are fast! Your muscles won't be used to the endurance. But a runner will catch him. But on the same thought, could I crush some ones face like a piece of glass with one punch? Probably not, but a weightlifter could.

Another benefit from running is the improved cardiovascular system. You will be able to do more umm “strenuous work outs”, and by that I mean sex than a weight lifter. Because running helps your stamina, I don’t think weight lifting does. But I’m no doctor I just have a t-shirt that says I am.

Weight training has a lot of benefits also, if you want to lose weight most trainers and those in the health field will tell you to lift weights. Now, this might seem dumb to you, but let me drop some knowledge on ya'll. The higher your muscle mass content is higher your resting metabolic rate will be which means you will burn more calories while sitting at your desk than that fatty sitting across from you. Muscles at rest require more energy. You don't have to have huge muscles to have high muscle mass. You can just have really dense, hard muscles. This is why women have a much harder time losing weight than men do. We men, as a gender, have larger muscle mass therefore our metabolic rate is higher.

Also a really great benefit to running is when I get wasted and start talking shit, or spill a drink down your shirt. I'll be able to get up and run away before you start pummeling me.

That is why I run.

That's it for me folks check ya on the flip side.

**PS NOne of his links in Word transferred and I'm way to lazy to do actual work!**
***PPS I Love the Quote from the "Boondock Saints" to end it!***

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