Friday, November 16, 2007


Not so happy now!

Nothing has changed from last nights news, but I did see something a few minutes ago that makes my blood boil and I still have trouble believing. I went to look out the big window on the front of our building because I like the view, it over looks a now ghetto, of tiny houses that were once filled with Henry Ford's auto workers back when the Ford plant was down on Winchester. It shows me just how far a neighborhood can fall in 30-40 short years. A lot of these people that live here are the original old Ford workers who have since retired and could do no better, or didn't want to move.

Anyway on to the anger issue. As I look out the window I notice this lovely little cottage.

I notice something fluttering in the breeze....I focus on it and I see this.

This is what pisses me off. That fucking flag. I don't give a shit what those fucking slack assed southern cocksuckers call it I call it what it is.


I'll admit when I was growing up I didn't understand what this flag symbolized, I didn't get it. It wasn't until after several history classes did I finally understand that, this fucking part of America was over and that the states that flew this flag during the Civil War were TRAITORS! Cut and dry. no grey area, no "well maybe it stands for a way of life" fuck that it supports treason and our fucking government should have fucking stopped it from being used for any purpose other than a hate symbol the day after those cock sucking slave owners lost the goddamned war. If I had any leg to stand on besides the bad taste it leaves in my mouth that these fucking flags are still being made and flown by the retarded and ignorant, I would go over and burn that bitch down.

But I can't do that because I also strongly believe in Freedom of speech and expression. Since that flag isn't outlawed then these moronic glue sniffing window lickers get the rare opportunity to show the world exactly how fucking dumb they are and exactly where their loyalties stand.

I was just informed by one of my co-workers how he combats the situation. He was getting signed up for Everest Cable, because where he is there is more then one choice in your cable provider, unlike Gladstone, and when the worker bees showed up at his house to install all of the goodies, they had that flag on their truck. He told them that he was no longer interested and to take their hate and move on.

So what I'm suggesting is if we all do the same thing. If any service fails to monitor their workers to this extent, then they don't need our business. If you see that flag anywhere but on the grave marker of a dead civil war traitor, don't do business with them. BUT you have to tell them why you are refusing to do business with them. Let them know that you are an American and that you will not stand for 150 year old acts of treason.

Fucking Redneck white trash.

I want you all to remember that just because I hunt and fish and know how to farm and raise cattle, doesn't mean I hold the same beliefs as the uneducated, ignorant, racisit, traitors that fly that fucking rag.

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