Monday, October 29, 2007


Why my younger brother is WAY smarter then me...

I sent this picture to my younger brother the electrical engineer genius who woks for THE robot company....

He replied back:


So I thought h was thinking the same thing I was, which is "HA Funny! they made the phone number a math problem!! hehe, where is my helmet? it is time for a bath and I don't want to get hurt again...Ok he probably didn't think that since 15 minutes later in my slow ass email I got this response...

The HR lady must have written that instead of the engineering department.

I wrote this python program:

part_one = ( (y*y) - x )
part_two = ( (y*y) - (10*10) ) * 10
print "Phone=01.",part_one,".",part_two

and the output I got was this:

>>> ================================ RESTART ================================
Phone=01. 876 . 8000

They're never going to get any calls back without an area code.

Maybe it's another country...

Sure enough - it's local somewhere else. And it make sense then that if you're going to have a tear-off bit, you'd know what town you'd be calling from.

Anonymous said...

McKinsey & Company Switzerland

Alpenstrasse 3
8065 Zurich
phone: +41 44 876 8000
fax: +41 44 876 9000

01.876.800 is the phone-number for local calls ;)

zuperstar []

I wonder if I'll get the gig.

He fucking solved for PHONE NUMBER!!

I swear to god as soon as he turns evil we are all dead....more than likely we'll never know when he turns evil...we'll already be dead.

Thanks for the laugh Lil' Bro...and the abject humiliation that I will always be dumber then you...unless the world turns into "Idiocracy"...then I rule and you drool!

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