Monday, October 22, 2007


Oh Tony How do I hate thee??? Let me count the ways...

I know that the title of this sounds like I'm going to slam on the local Mexi-Maximilien But it isn't I am referring to Tony "I'm a complete cocksucker" Kornheiser.

This turbo charged, 3 piston ass hammer makes me turn the sound off on my TV every Monday Night for Monday Night Football. I can't stand his inane arguments where he thinks he knows more then ANYONE else on the planet about football. I wish he'd spontaneously explode in a greasy pile of bald, with a side of poorly dressed.

His personality is that of a kid who never got picked for kickball, and was beaten up daily for eating paste. So he had to get a degree in journalism to write about all the shit he couldn't do, but then his writing sucked so bad he had to get into radio and assault the ears of the nation with his bad voice, and worse commentary.

There isn't a bus big enough to do the damage I want when it hits him.

I miss Dennis Miller, at least his obscure facts and one liners were funny, even if most of America didn't understand them.

Fuck off you Leprechaun looking, scruffy assed, bald, ball licking, sword swallowing loud mouth prick.

Fucking Dumb Dumb.

Die Tony Die.

Now I need a question answered.

What do you do with a "boss" who's sales ideas are antiquated, and his skill set is mired in mediocrity? I have this friend who has been bitching about this guy for almost 6 months, and after several meetings and "pep talks" he has come to the conclusion that this tool is a jerk off of major proportions.

So what my friends and friends I have yet to meet...WWYD?

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