Monday, October 01, 2007


I did WHAT??

Had a blast this weekend I got to spend time with a friend of mine in Wichita that I get to spend very little time with and got to meet all of his crazy church buddies. One of which happened to be a kid that I played football against my first time through college. He was the quarterback, and is now an Associate Pastor...apparently THINKING he was God wasn't enough! I kid because I care. He wasn't that cocky, well not anymore then any other College QB.

But I didn't drink my weight in Vodka, ate stuff I shouldn't have and watched the K-STATE WILDCATS BEAT TEXAS LIKE A REDHEADED STEP CHILD ON A SATURDAY NIGHT! Number 7 my ass. I just can't wait to get those looser ass chicken hawcks from GAY U to come to Manhattan KS and get their custom made ass whipping Powercat style.

I'll be at that game and I hope to have a camera full of loverly co-eds gone wild.

The next two weeks have me stationed once again down in the install bay overseeing some minions to get a project out that we have been coddling along for 6 weeks. Naturally now we have to bend over backwards to meet the damned deadline. I always get the glamorous jobs!!

Here is some weird shit I have found on the web in the last couple weeks.

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