Monday, October 08, 2007


A Causual Observation

Sunday, Bouby and I made a GREAT find while doing our Costco shopping. It is a virtual ghost town at 11:30am on the days that the Chiefs play at home. I say virtual because all of the non football loving gay men in KC were at Costco.

It was a "Who's Who" of Homo's in the KC Metro area. When I got to the check out there were so many of them talking to each other I thought every tire in the parking lot had a slow leak.

So seriously, if you want to do you bulk shopping in relative peace, do it on game day with the Queer Nation! They don't have any more sense then the other retarded mouth breathing mongoloids that grace that store on the weekends, and they will blatantly block the aisles to get the free samples as well, but at least they aren't a herd of old people talking to themselves, or on the cell phone wondering exactly how the little gnome in the tiny phone makes it possible to talk to someone clear over in Olathe while they are downtown...and without ANY wires either!

So anyway, here is some more weird shit I came Across on the Interweb (THANKS AL GORE!!)

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