Monday, September 10, 2007


Who thought up working on the weekend?

Friday night Bouby and I were invited by some frineds to the Majestic to watch a comedy show. It was a fuck load of funny rolled up into a 2 hour time frame. I highly recommend it.

So I thought that this would be the perfect weekend to sit and watch football. College games on Saturday, Pro games on was a perfect weekend for my and the Boubster to sit still and enjoy the simple nuances of the land acquisition game of American Football.

Boy was I mistaken.

Saturday it was decided that we should take down our redneck pool, and clean off the deck. I also decided that I should mow the lawn since it seems the only thing that grows is the foxtails around the mailbox, and basically makes or place look like my dirty cousins from the hills. So when that was finally done we sat down and waited while the pool drained. and we waited.

I made cocktails.

And we waited.

Finally we grew tired of the bad football, and the waiting and went to bed with the pool only 1/2 way empty.

I got up on Sunday at my usual o'Dark 30 and watched a movie, waiting for the sports to start, and I noticed there was still about a foot of water left in the I waited...had a cocktail, why not I didn't have anything planned but Football.

Then Bouby got up and we watched football, Chiefs Stank, I lost one of my early entries in the Elimination pool, thanks god I put in three times.

Then it was decided that we need to finish the pool project. Yay!

When I moved the tarps that the pool was sitting on it was like I had opened the door to Satan's Stables. It smelled so much like horse shit I think the neighbors thought we had went out and bought a pony. Now we have to spend a shit ton of money on reseeding the dead hole in the yard, and keeping the dogs off of it. I also have to take a garden claw and bust it up and blend in all of the sand we poured in the holes prior to putting up a pool.

I also came to the realization that the only time it is a good idea to have a pool is when you are a kid or you're retired. We ended up being too busy to spend anytime in it and 3 times as much time, working on it. So if you think it is a good idea to have a swimming pool and you don't have kids and your not old, don't fucking do it!

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