Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Vaginas and Puppies

Yeah I know.

I worry to much about the reproductive organs that I don't have.

But really it isn't the vagina that I'm worried about it is the advertising of the products that are related to the keeping and well being of said vagina(s).

Today I am extremely concerned the the new Venus Razor with built in "soft petals" filled with slickum to make it possible to shave without the bothersome need for shaving lotion....

Not so bad, I think it is a good idea, right up until they show a hand pressing on the two wonderfully colored "soft petals". Does this remind anyone but me of the manual manipulation of the labia majora? I mean it really looks like someone fixing to get a closer look at the inner workings of the best place on earth!

Who is creating these ads and why do they continue to make things weird? I know everything used to be all penis shaped, but did we really have to do a 180 and make everything all vag-like and stuff?

Ok now on to the Puppies part! I need some serious help!!

almost 30 days ago a wonderful little dog jumped into my bosses car and refused to exit when given the proper commands. Being that my boss is the "Keeper of all Things Confused", (see me for examples, IE; my co-workers) He has taken it upon himself and through me to find a good and loving home for this little guy. He is currently residing at the Vet Hospital on Independence Ave, where he is undergoing treatment for a rough, yet curable case of mange.

While handling this little dog, I personally know that he is affable, loving, and seems to get along with anybody, I don't know how he will do with kids, because I don't have any, but he seems to be gentle enough to try him out for a spin. What I am looking for at this very moment, is someone who would fall in love with him enough to care for him forever....but I know that is a long shot. He is a mixed breed (read Mutt), 20-25 lbs male (Un-neutered) brown with black markings, dog. he didn't do a lot of barking, or whinnying in his short time with me...but he may have gotten over that I'm not sure. I do know that he is STARVING for human interaction and needs some love. He would make an outstanding pet, given the chance

If you have a place for him in your life, please leave me a comment, and a way to get in touch with you! I would much rather get him to a home rather than a shelter, but we are running out of time. All of his shots and treatment have been taken care of all we are asking is for a small adoption fee so the wing nuts who are looking to buy something they can kick around will be discouraged.

If this sounds like you leave me a comment, and a way to contact you and we'll get "Roscoe" some new digs with lots of love!

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