Thursday, September 06, 2007


Thursday already?

Jesus I love the Three day weekend.

So I learned how to pick master locks today.

I saw a giant helicopter deliver a new AC unit to a roof top on 435.

I came to the realization that people watch more college football if they have never played college football.

I just saw a commercial for Vagisil screening kit. WOW If guys had something that turned forest green when you peed on it, well I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to put it in a'd think the fine people at Vagisil would know that making anything turn a "Earth Tone" when you pee on it, as a medical testing tool...probably not the best idea. I'm thinking maybe pink, or a nice set of base colors would be a hell of a lot better then dirty earth tones to tell me that my junk has a bug.

Tonight the NFL kicks off. I know no one but me cares, but fuck you this is about me.

I think "Remember the Titans" will make me bawl every time I see it just like "Rudy"

I think the old skinny broad on "Sabrina; Teenage Witch" is some relation to Cameron Diaz.

Bouby just got home so I'm gonna make cocktails and dinner and settle in for some Thursday Night Football.

Don't let your meat loaf.

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