Thursday, September 20, 2007


THANKS SUZI!...and Paz Vega

Suzi over at What it Schwas created a groovy pic to help Roscoe find a home!! Please someone open that cold dead heart of yours and let this little feller in!

Here is a gratuitous see through top shot of that hot girl Paz Vega, from Spanglish and 10 Items or Less...which by the way is my new favorite movie and I suggest everyone go but it so she and Morgan Freeman can get more money.

Hopefully hot chicks and cute puppies will get the job done for Roscoe's sake.

OH and Paintman I really hope you are being facetious when you said he looks like a dangerous "pitbull" I assure you he is not a pit. I have been around many 100's of pits, I know many breeders and he is not one of them....but thanks for putting that idea out there for the masses, so those on the edge will now fall to the no side. Do by chance work for Fox News?

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