Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Death's Door....RIP

tony's of KC, is reporting that Greg Beck Of Death's Door passed to the other side Sunday night of an apparent heart attack.

Sadness is gripping my heart like a vice. I only had the pleasure of meeting Greg once in my entire life, at the first blogger meet up set up by Michelle Greg's Best Friend. However in this one night of talk and cocktails was enough.

I began reading Death's Door, a couple of years ago, and was instantly convinced that we were brother's from different mothers. Our lives ran parallel to a point and he did a fantastic job of putting those stories down in his blog.

His larger than life presence, love for local music, ability to tell the ordinary in a extraordinary way and his love of Jim Beam will be greatly missed.

I sit in my cube and silently weep, not out of sadness, but out respect for the man I only met once.

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