Sunday, September 16, 2007


Catholic Asshats and the ex- Catholics who hate them.

Father Jonathan Morris is my new punching bag.

I just watched this Catholic, over religious, ass hat, priest, tell the world from Rome, that he is outraged that Kathy Griffin was selling her soul for a bowl of porridge because of her speech , after winning an Emmy for her crazy show “The D-list”. She said,

“A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus,” an exultant Griffin said, holding up her statuette. “Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god now.”

I laughed my ass off when I saw the clip on Fox Sunday morning cocksuckers, they were all very offended, even though they never seem to get offended by showing the American public the gruesome war video, or when they tell lies or just make shit up for ratings. We don’t even get to see the speech live, it was pre taped on Tuesday, but since I’m not gay, I didn’t hear about it until this morning…sorry older brother, but it is true, you’re gay I’m not, you watch the Emmy’s, I do not…there is a football game on.

I really wish the fucking world would just shut the fuck up, and learn to have a fucking sense of humor. I can’t believe that shit assed, pencil necked, zealots like Bill Donohue have got their panties in such a twist about this comment, do they not under stand what Kathy does for a living? Have they ever tried to have a conversation with a professional comedian? There isn’t a lot of “serious” talk involved. Even when Kathy’s father died, she was still cracking jokes. Here is what that Catholic watch poodle Bill had to say;

"It is a sure bet that if Griffin had said, 'Suck it, Muhammad,' there would have been a very different reaction," Catholic league president Bill Donohue said in a statement posted on the group's Web site. He called on TV academy president Dick Askin to denounce Griffin's "hate speech" and on Griffin to apologize.

I, for one believe in the Freedom of Speech that over 2 million men and women in American uniform are protecting each and every day, just by their presence in that uniform. And Dick head Bill Donohue is so wrong! Where the hell is his outrage on the personal attacks led by the New York Times, on General Petraeus? Where is his anger toward his own priests ass pounding little boys?

Fuck off WORLD!! Find a fucking sense of humor AND shut the fuck up. (I figure if I give you two things to do I’ll settle for one or the other, but preferably both!)

Bouby and I spent most of last week finding her a new job, doing yard work and planting a patch of grass where the pool was. Now since the news of Greg’s passing last week I have been pretty introspective, and melancholy. But as I was roughing up the ground where the pool was, and soaking it , and roughing it up, and soaking it, (apparently a pool is basically big enough to make a diamond out of regular dirt. I used every large farm implement available, and with out watering it for two days, I would have never finished it.)

But without further ado …adieu? Yes that is it adieu, I present you the Greg Beck Memorial patch of grass, because he didn’t know how to swim. My distaste for pools has grown to “Beck” size proportions.

See you all tomorrow.

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