Monday, August 06, 2007


Waldo Pond is Turning

Some of you who have taken high school ecology will know this, and if you are a fisher person, you might know this too. But every year ponds around the world turn. What does this mean? It means that somewhere right this second there is an eco system struggling to survive and not a lot can be done about it. There isn’t a fix for this problem, it happens and fish and other animals die because of it. There is some preventative measures that can happen like aerator-ing the pond with a large enough area of oxygenated water for the fish to survive.

Here is Professor Tommy Hill of the University of Tennessee’s definition;
Pond Turn-Overs
Because of weather patterns that we have been experiencing in past months, many pond owners have seen fish die in their ponds. One of the most serious pond problems is oxygen depletion referred to as a "turn-over". During hot summer weather, surface water becomes less dense as it absorbs heat and floats over a cooler, more dense layer of water. All the oxygen is produced in the warmer layer and the two layers may not mix for weeks at a time, especially in deepwater ponds. Eventually, all the oxygen is used up in the lower, cooler layer by the biological and chemical activities that take place there. A cool snap or a thunderstorm with wind and hard rain can cool the warm surface water making it heavy enough to sink and mix with the oxygen deficient bottom layer. The net result is a dilution of the oxygen and an increase in the demand for oxygen from dissolved minerals and decaying organic matter. To complicate these problems, the algae usually die at the same time.
When a die-off occurs, the green water often becomes streaked with gray, black or brown. The color of the water may eventually become totally brown, gray, black or even milky. A distinct foul smell may also be noticeable. "Turn-overs" cause the most catastrophic fish kills in ponds. Some ways to help avoid this problem are to keep the nutrient level down so that plankton blooms do not become excessive. Risk of turn-over is considerably less when visibility of a white object in the pond is 16-18 inches. Installation of an aerator that can be run at night and during extended periods of cloudy days is good insurance against fish kills. An area of oxygenated water near the aerator will help the fish survive until the pond recovers from a low oxygen period.
Thomas K. Hill
University of Tennessee

Why do I bring this up?

I think that the Earth is going to turn.

I don’t think that there is anything we can do about it and I’m pretty sure that we will not have a large enough “white object” to protect the entire human race. There will be enough survivors to make some groovy cave paintings and try and keep some technology alive…but I know that I can’t make a digital camera, or a cell phone, hell I’m pretty sure that I couldn’t make homemade plumbing.
I also know that this will not happen soon, it will take another couple hundred years to come to fruition, but I figured if I post this electronically now someone might give me credit for the warning 100+ years from now.

I also know that Al Gore is an Idiot, and what the human race puts out as far as “green house gasses” and our hurting the environment is such a load of crap…
Is global warming happening? YES.
Did we cause it? NO.
Has it happened before? YES.
Will it happen Again? YES.
Can we stop it? NO.
Should we worry about it and continue to create strings of bullshit that scare the weak minded and stupid? NO.
Should we carry on and try to live life to its fullest? YES.

So tell Al to fuck off, have a cocktail and a shot if necessary, dance like no one is watching, Laugh at every opportunity (even if it is Schadenfreude) And Love like there is no tomorrow, for one day you WILL be right.

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