Sunday, August 19, 2007


Sunday night ponderings

I'm sitting here pondering last week and the week in front of me while watching the Giants, Ravens pre season football contest. Why you may ask? Because I am a fan of the game. I don't care who is playing, I just like to watch the game. The simple nuances of the game of football is my entertainment. I just like it.

But as I sit here watching the game and messing around on the computer, I am pondering stuff like Hats of Meat, and this guy , and then there is This place which I have received a lot of good stuff from...and yes some porn too.

But for the most part I am just vegging out wondering what could possibly be coming into my life next. Bouby and I have picked a date...well as long as we get the location for the wedding, we are looking at 4-12-07 At the Crossroads music venue. The beer and pizza will be free, the cocktails and anything else on the menu is on the guests. we will have cocktails starting around 11:00 until 1:00 when we'll tell the world the we are indeed going to stop dating other people and be forever locked into each other for better or worse...then around 1:15, we are looking at about 300 people. The best part about all this is we are telling everyone that the only place we are registered is at the Federal Reserve. We have no need for more toasters, blenders, place settings, or flatware. We will however be in dire need of the best gift ever...CASH!

So with Meat Hats, sales call backs, a great pirate move site and the wedding, not to mention the up coming football season, I got a lot of shit going on. It also sounds like I'll be in Saudi Arabia the first part of October for our first new install in the sand box. All I have to say about that is, at least I'm not there right now when it is 130 in the shade.

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