Thursday, August 23, 2007


Product Placement

I don't watch a lot of news on TV, nor do I read too much of it on the interwebs, and for the most part I get all of my political information from the guys on The Daily Show. Why you may ask? Well because they are like the readers digest, or USA Today of news, Most of it is bullshit with a smattering of truth thrown in to make them seem almost legitimate. That and I'm exercising my American right to be less informed then a chimp locked up at Michael Jackson's petting zoo, if I don't want to ...I DON'T HAFTA!

So I'm getting my nightly news, last evening and I see that Barak Obama is going to be the guest of the Daily Show and since my 75 yr old, back country, redneck cowboy, cracker white father said he likes this guy who happens to be a black guy from Chicago...well I know I better listen. (My dad isn't racist at all but it is funnier to portray him as such for this blog... and besides his computer is broke.)

So as most of you know when there is a big guest coming on they always cut the silly crap to the first segment, run a commercial, come back and introduce the uber guest, and then have him/her on for the full 20 minutes. Knowing this I was not shocked of alarmed when Rob Riggle's report from Baghdad was as pointless and vapid and they went to a commercial immediately after.

What did make me howl with laughter was the "New sponsor" for the up coming segment.

Hennessey Cognac VSOP.

Let me let that sink in for a minute.

OK Now let me explain why this was funny to me. If you don't know the demographics regarding Hennessey, Hennessey makes 70-90% of it's money from black males 18-50. So with incredible forethought and what I consider a truck load of Balls. They bought space in the middle of a show that is viewed by white males 18-45, who are either high on pot, or wanting to be high on pot but are settling for Vicodin and 3 very stiff Manhattans.

So my hats off to the wonderful people at Hennessey who knew that if there was one way to reach their demographic, besides advertising in prisons across America, was to buy a .30 second spot after the silly white man and right before the cool black dude running for president.

Kudos Hennessey Marketing director. Many many many Kudos.

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