Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Mr. Vick.....the Jury awaits.

I love this picture! But I think that all the attention is being placed on the wrong subject. Now before I start my rant, please note that I DO NOT condone the killing of dogs for sport. I don't understand dog fighting, to me it is a silly waste of time and dog flesh. HOWEVER, if you take that part of the equation out of the picture, yes I know it is going to be hard to do that but please try for just a few minutes.

If I had trained a dog to do a job, and he failed to do that job, what then? Given the state of unwanted pets in this country and the fact that I know of at least one pack of wild dogs that have been ditched in the country, isn't putting them down a viable option? I can remember not too many years ago my grandfather telling me that he was going out with his new dog to do some hunting, this after intensive training at the hands of a master hunter/trainer. When Grandpa came back alone, I asked him "where's the pup?" and he simply replied "That dog didn't hunt." which told me that in this instance his tool was broken and he could no longer afford to keep it in the shed. AND he knew that if he couldn't make the dog hunt, there was no one in the entire county who would want the dog, since he didn't do his job.

If you are still reading this I'm assuming that you are at least partially open minded and not already leaving me hate mail, and in that case, let us focus on the real problem with this case. Michael Vick is a criminal.

No doubt about it. He is a waste of talent, thug in a jersey...well was in a jersey. He is proof that in this case, you can take the man outta the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the man. His real crime here isn't killing dogs, it is running an illegal gambling ring, dog fighting, and lying about it all. ALL of those things are illegal, but have been overlooked by the media because the media is really good at sensationalism. Since the fighting of animals dates back a couple of 1000 millennium, it isn't news, HOWEVER a young, good looking, NFL Star, Mr. Public Figure , killing dogs, with his own bare hands...well now you have a story.

Again, I do not condone killing of dogs, for sport, I don't think he needs to play football ever again, and I hope he goes to prison for 5 years for his crimes. I just wish the media would find the OTHER players in this game, and get their asses on the stage. You know that this operation wasn't this big because of Mike and his "Homeboyz" wanting to have some dog fights, if that was the case he would have never got caught. Shit I know where to go in Manhattan KS for a dog fight, but we're not talking about a blackened out compound behind a mansion. This was a much larger operation and Mike has become the fall guy...rightfully so, if for no other reason then he made a seriously wrong life choice in the company he keeps.

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