Thursday, August 02, 2007


Minneapolis and dumb Fox reporters

I was watching the news last night …Fox 4 to be exact, because I hate them the least, and they fuck up the most so they make me laugh. But I didn’t do much laughing last night. They were reporting on that bridge fiasco in Minneapolis, and that stupid talking vagina Susan Hiland, decided that since she had no information and was talking to her sports reporter, Frank Boal, who had just driven that exact bridge the day before(OH you dodged a bullet…just like the other 200,000 people that drove on that bridge that day), if the construction work was to be blamed for the collapse.


I believe her exact words were “Frank, I know that there was some construction work going on, do you think that caused the bridge to collapse?”

How about shut the fuck up you stupid twat. The accident happened 4 hours ago, they are still pulling bodies out of the river and your looking to place blame? Maybe the fucking bridge wasn’t designed to handle the massive temperature changes that happen in Minneapolis MINEFUCKINGSOTA, and it was 40 years old.

Or maybe you should, oh I don’t know, do some fucking investigative reporting for a change and see if you can find an answer, instead of just sitting on your fat ass guessing? Do you think you can do that for once?

Happy thoughts to those in need in Minneapolis.

Fuck you Susan Hiland.

AND since I feel particularly skinny today I thought I'd share a couple of pix.

this was 350lbs

And today at 280

20 more lbs and I'm eating some fucking Ice cream!

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