Friday, June 01, 2007



Tomorrow my brother and I are going to a wedding, my step-niece is gittin’ hytched.

And yes I spelled that right. That is how it sounds when that side of the family says it. They are cowboy hobbyists. They rope and ride and do it for money in what they call Jack pots. I love going to these things because with my tattoos and earrings I stand out like dick in a pickle jar, but I tend to know quite a few people there. Because I can do all of those things I just suck at roping, and I don’t enjoy the camaraderie of most of the uneducated, or ignorant by choice people out there.

But the wedding should be fun.

I know it will be fun, wanna know, how I know it will be fun?

My dad called me yesterday on the way to St. Joe MO to buy fireworks for the wedding.

And really what is a redneck wedding without fireworks and fistfights.

I better pack my new brass knuckles, my Step-nephews are pretty tough.

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