Sunday, June 10, 2007



That’s right Hell has froze over….

More on that in a few.

Bouby and I spent the last 4 days at a wonderful place called ROCK EDDY FARM If you are a person who likes hiking and the solitude of nature in its pristine condition, this is the place for you. The number one thing to do on their website is NOTHING! And believe you me, it is hard, NOT to do nothing. There is the constant want to walk in the woods, and the canoeing not to mention fishing if that is your thing. There is nature abound. A spring fed creek that over the course of the last 10 million years cut a natural bridge, called the Clifty Creek natural bridge.

This is the first look at the cabin;

This is the view from the deck….stunning.

And we did just what the brochure said we could do we walked, fished, and then ultimately nothing.
We went out to dinner on Friday night to a GREAT steakhouse food was amazing and the view was just as tasty. BUT before we left our cabin while we were getting ready I had something that was on my mind and was finally ready to get it off my chest and out in the open. So when Bouby was ready to walk out the door I stood up and said “Are you going like that?”
“What do you mean?” She replied, “What’s wrong with how I look”
I said “nothing is wrong with how you look, but is that the way you want to go to dinner?”
She looks at me starting to get pissed, and says “Well how would you like me to go?”

Then I made her cry.

I said “I would rather you go to dinner as my future wife instead of my girlfriend” And I handed her this.

So I’m guessing the temperature in Hell dropped a few degrees and Satan is slowly doing a figure eight on the formally known lake of fire.

That and women all over the planet are now crying….YEAH RIGHT!

OH and She did say yes by the way....

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