Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Kidnapping 101

We started this caper last February when none of us could decide what to do for Fathers day. Some of you may remember that a few years back we tried to send the folks on a trip to Las Vegas, but that as spoiled by a meddling step-sister. So my two brothers and I hatched a plan and put it into action a couple of weeks ago.

The back ground story- I need to have some work done on my basement and I'm no plumber. Dad was a plumber...see how nice that fits.

The nice part- The Older Brother hence forth known as OB, was going to take us out to dinner Monday night for a late fathers day gift since we all had other plans, and the Younger Brother, or YB, was to call since he lives in Boston nowadays.

The LIE- What Dad didn't know was that YB was actually driving in (he was at the formula 1 race in Indianapolis on Sunday) and that we had booked airfare, hotel,In the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas and a helicopter trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon with a champagne lunch.

The Story-We go to dinner when Dad and I get done surveying the work that needs to get done on the basement, and we go to a semi fancy place, get set up, YB walks in right on Que and we all break down and cry..it was awesome. Then we hit him with the trip and we cry some more. I need to go now as he is waking up for his nap, OB is taking him to see "O" tonight at the Belligio.

I'll post pics soon.

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