Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Henry Rollins...what's not to love?

"I will never listen to a State of the Union Address with the volume on 11."

Henry Rollins

To read the entire article go HERE

I also want to drop a note of thanks to the Main Mexican here in KC for throwing me a bone on the last post and making a cool link to it on his often rant filled daily news of KC blog Tony's of Kansas City So Thanks Amigo!

Don't forget if you feel like a cocktail after work on Monday (and really who doesn't?) I and hopefully other bloggers will be at Mickey's Pub in the northland, 420 NW Englewood in the old Tanner's spot. I'm thinking around 5:30-6pm I know traffic getting up there sucks at the time of day, so come early and drink more.

Oh and as for the Zombies....Watch out un-dead!!


Stupid picture link doesn't work...Well it just says I'm 78% more likely to survive a Zombie attack...I have a lot of fire power and a loose moral obligation to protect those who are dumb. Like the old joke about a bear attack, I don't have to be faster then a bear, I just have to be faster then YOU!

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