Monday, June 04, 2007


Wildly uneventful

Well The wedding was a hoot!

I did find out that the fireworks weren’t for the wedding like previously thought but instead for a party that was being held the next night at my step brothers feed lot. Apparently they invited the whole town of 1200 people and they thought they needed to light the sky with $6000 worth of fireworks.

So besides me getting into an argument with some huge hat wearing kid about Charlie Daniels, and how there was no way anyone but Charlie could play “The Devil went down to Georgia” good except him. I was telling a story about how a friend of mines band used to cover that song and they metal-ed it up a lot and it was way better then Charlie’s old tired country version, and this Floppy hat wearing miscreant took offense. But since I was in conversation with my little nephew who is off to college in Manhattan KS this fall, and I was giving him some advice, like Call me instead of your parents if you have too, and don’t forget I grew up in that burg and I still know a lot of people there, like two cops who I went to high school with.

But the one main thing I was telling him was to go into everything with an open mind. NEVER look at something and make a judgment based solely on what you think you have learned at this time in your life, because you’re only 18 and I have had more information lost since I started drinking today then you actually know in your whole life.

So when this closed minded asspounding wanna be cowpoke, started arguing with me, I just smiled real big, winked at the nephew and reminded him what a terrible thing it is to have a closed mind.

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