Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Weight off of my....gut

For those people who don't know me in the real world or to those of you who have since met me lately, none of you know or would have realized that just over a year ago I tipped the scales at a blistering 350lbs.

It was Dec. 22nd 2005 in NKC Hospital when Bouby's G-pa was sick and fixing to pass on to the next level...kinda like a video game, when her Daddy-O asked me to climb on a scale that was like a small animal scale at the vets office, I refused, I was embarrassed, I knew I had ballooned up nicely, I just couldn't see an end to the eating, OR my feet really, but I did no that when I started something I would need to keep doing what ever it was to keep the ball rolling...more ball rolling, less fat rolling.

So when no one was looking I did get on that scale, and was shocked to find out I was 350 lbs. How in the fuck did that happen? I was always a big guy, hell I got a picture of me and my older brother standing next to each other when we were 4 and 5, (he is sporting a nice shiner, more on that later) and I'm almost a full foot taller then he is. BUT 350??" Fuck that is a fat ass.

So I started trying to eat less and spend more time on the elliptical. then the summer came and went and I was hip deep in doing someone else's job as well as trying to do mine too, and lo and behold I dropped 42 lbs.basically because I didn't time or energy to eat, and I was on my feet moving 12-14 hrs a day. So eat less and exercise seems to work..who knew?

So I then have knee surgery right before the holidays, yeah I know now not a wise choise, can't work out and free food, LOTS of free food. So I put back on 30 of my 42 lbs from October-February. Back to super fat ass status! YAY ME!

Then my fatness started sliding over on to Bouby and she got tired of buying new clothes, so she told me we needed to do something and lose some fucking poundage, and quick because we were starting to look like the blueberry girl in Willy Wonka. So we did and joined a national slim you down forever place and are paying a shit bag of money so we feel obligated to stay on the diet and not slack off.

But I am for the first time in 4 years under 300lbs...like 298, but still it is under ...until I snap and eat an entire large pizza, but so far so good.

The best thing about losing weight...It is easier to cut the grass with the tool shed out of the way....Manscaping is so much easier.

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