Friday, May 25, 2007


Thank you VETS!

Memorial day weekend.

This weekend for most people is a three day weekend that really kicks off the summer. Amusement parks open, swimming pools are de-winterized, and flowers in bloom.

What we all should be doing is thanking the soldiers, and the soldiers families who have or are currently risking their lives to keep us Americans in the lives we have grown accustomed to. Regardless of how you may feel about our current administration or why we have a huge military presence in the middle east right now, thanks those that came back alive, from any skirmish, war, police action, or is just a simple clerk filing endless TPS reports that keep America free.

Armies are a very necessary part of any countries survival because we are Human. And as Humans we are basically hairless fighting monkeys who will never get a long in a peaceful existence with one another because well it is against the basic structure of balance. Without evil there is no good and vice versa. Otherwise we wouldn’t have kids getting shot and killed while riding their big wheel in the hood, because his older cousins decided that the best way to solve an argument was to try and shoot each other. I’m sure that the pound of meth or the chick down the street is really worth the life of a 3 year old. Nice work you cocksucking doorknobs.

But since man is a violent animal that breeds like rats there is literally nothing we can do to change 2 million years of inbreeding and religious fanaticism. Most people blame all of the fighting on the nature of men and our violent ways but I don’t think that is true. I think that women and their beliefs are more to blame then just guys. If it wasn’t for the sex and the breeding regulations that forced upon society by women and weak men we wouldn’t have religion based on superstition and lack of scientific explanations.

Think about that for a hot second. Why do most modern men fight? Over chicks, power or money. There is no greater power then leading a flock of blind sheep willing to do your bidding , and give you all of their money. And why? To get the best women for breeding so that you will have the strongest and most powerful children to carry on the war like behavior and keep your power and your way of life.

So this weekend lets give thanks to those people willing to put their lives in danger just allow us the right to act like assholes no matter where we stand.


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