Thursday, May 03, 2007


Something new....

Ok I don't know who has heard of or would want to use this but I found some groovy software application called Jaxtr. This little service will allow people to call me on my cell phone from any where in the world via a communications bridge, and without downloading anything. Once you get set up, all the incoming callers need to do is click in the link on my blog, type in their phone number and the internet will connect us. My number stays anonymous, your number stays anonymous, HOWEVER the communication bridge assigns you a specific number so that when I answer, find out who it is, I can then save the "Jaxtr" Number in my cell and THAT becomes the callers number, which is a LOCAL number, and you will never get charged long distance, or INTERNATIONAL rates ever again! so for those people overseas....Meany, this means you!!...get everyone signed up for this and wha-laa free/local cell phone or land line calling all over the world.

some of you people out there need to try this here so I can see if it works.

Oh and holy shit this just in!

A guy I went to high school with is now at large and running from the cops! He tried to kill his soon to be ex-wife and her boyfriend two days ago, ran off into the woods and disappeared! read the whole story here

What has my generation turned into? Bunch of serious murderers and thugs! Fuck I used to play football with this guy, his older brother was in my class, we were friends...this is kinda freaking me out a little.

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