Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Quick question...

So you know that pool we have. Well here is a story about our new pool.

When setting up our new pool, we put the cover that came with it on the pool when we were done filling it with water. It seemed a little big. So we thought we would try and find one that was a little better fit, thinking our neighbor may have had to buy one that wasn’t correct because..well who knows what the reason may have been. We also needed a bunch of other things so off to Westlake hardware.

When we arrived, as we were walking into the door, we both said , “I wonder if they even have pool supplies here” But our worries were quickly suppressed because we both saw a wall of stuff that looked just like what we had at home, so we were relieved. Once in the pool supply area we gathered what we needed and debated on whether ofr not we needed to buy a THIS particular pool cover, and was it the one on sale and could it be the same one we already owned and blah blah blah.

So we gather all of our stuff and take the pool cover to the check out to double check the price, and then ask to open it up so we can see if it is different then the one we have at the house, because if it is the same that would be dumb to buy it. It isn’t and we are happy that we may have found a new pool cover!

So we get home and are getting things ready and we are ding to see what the new cover looks like and, damn but we were buzzing with excitement ( I know it don’t take much to make me excited), and as we pulled the cover out of the box, and started to open it, Bouby sees a hole. Not a rip, or a factory fuck up, just a hole. We stopped dead in out tracks and wondered, “ why does our new debris cover have a hole in it? Bouby says, “well maybe that is for the tie down” So we continue to open the cover up. Ands lo and behold, those holes were in a strategic patteren IN THE MIDDLE OF THE POOL COVER!!

We just stared at each other.

Why are there holes in the pool cover?

Does the box say …”NEW with holes!!”? I looked, no mention of holes!

We looked at each other some more.



What I do know is that when you buy a pool cover most of the time you buy it to keep everything out of the pool. At least that was our thinking. Pool cover = nothing you don’t want in pool water. Apparently what it means is “This pool cover will keep out most large animals, tree limbs, and kids, BUT, leaves, dirty rain water, and regular DIRT get to flow right through into the pool, effectively making your swimming pool into the life like experience of swimming in the local creek complete with mosquito larvae, and algae.

So we went back to the hardware store, told the clerk that this pool cover has holes in it, she freaks out thinking that she sold us a defective cover, until we explained that these holes were in fact put there buy the pool cover company.

She asked “Why would there be holes in a pool cover”?

We may never know.

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