Tuesday, May 29, 2007


4 Day work weeks ROCK!

I think this is the way work should always be. I love the three day weekend and the 4 day work week. Tuesday through Friday, LOVING IT!!

My old job in Chico Ca. was like that I would pull 4 10’s and have Friday off which was equally cool, except that I was the only one on the block that had this schedule, so I didn’t have anyone to play with. Mostly I would do what I did yesterday, which was clean the house.

Well that wasn’t all we did, Bouby and I were the recipient of a swimming pool. We had been toying around with the idea for the last several years, about buying one of these, easy set up pools where you just air up the top rail and put your hose (GARDEN not PENIS you perverts) in it and turn the water on. They are just a couple of hundred bucks and really are that easy to set up, but we wanted to play in one before we shelled out a couple of hundred bucks so we never bought one. Then a couple of months ago our neighbor asked if we wanted theirs since they had just built a new shed and wouldn’t have the room to set it up nor did they want to. So we got it and spent yesterday afternoon setting it up.

Thank god for portable air compressors! That crazy ring of air that you have to blow up would have taken be most of the afternoon had I used the little foot pump. And then we stumbled around for 5 hours watching the water rise. I know sounds exciting, and it was. I’m also glad that Bouby knows how to read so well because I would have never figured out half of that nonsense had we not found the directions when we were 95% done, those came in pretty handy I tell ya. Not to mention all of the crazy math that was involved in the pool chemical instructions.

I had no idea that chlorine could be so complicated.

So know we have a groovy 12 foot by 3 foot deep lounge pool where we will be relaxing and having cocktails in when it gets really freaking hot out. And now that we aren’t so scary fat we won’t have to wait until the sun goes down to get in it…I would have had a backyard full of little kids with sticks trying to push me back in the water last summer.

Speaking of weight, I need to drop another 20 lbs in the next 30 days so I can go on a helicopter ride.

Wha?? You ask, well I’ll tell you. Since my two brothers and I have been involved in the trade show business or at least companies that need to go to trade shows, we have spent a lot of time in Las Vegas. Every time we get back we call our daddy o and let him know how things went. And since he is old, he always say’s the same thing, “ I have always wanted to go to Vegas”. So for Fathers day this year, we are taking the old coot. He doesn’t know about it, and if he did he would try and weasel out of it by telling us it is too expensive, and to save our money and that we should spend anything on him…blah blah blah. We have never been ones to listen too closely to what the parents say anyway, so we are kidnapping him to Vegas for Father’s Day.

We are telling him that we are all too busy to hang out with him on that Father’s Day weekend and that we would like him to come up on Monday and have a fancy dinner (Supper, to him, old school Cowboy talk) and help me work on finishing the remodel on the basement, that I have been working on for the last 4 years. Here is the cool part since my younger brother lives in Boston, Dad doesn’t think he’ll be there and all he’ll get is a well placed phone call. However he is flying in, and that will be the first surprise. Then I’ll lay it on him that we aren’t working on the basement at all and that we are all going to Las Vegas for 3days 2 nights.

So why do I need to lose the last 20 pounds? Well it seems that the 4 hour , lunch included, helicopter trip to the floor Grand Canyon, has a weight limit of 275 lbs, and if you are over it will cost you an extra 300 bucks for another seat. So I have been working out like crazy, and sticking to my diet strictly, I have been lowering my portion sizes a bit and hopefully I won’t have to pay the fat man rate of 600 bucks to get to the bottom.

But if you look at me from a year ago, when I was topping the scales at a blistering 345+, I have come quite a long way. Wish me luck on the hardest 20 lbs on the planet!

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