Tuesday, April 17, 2007


yes I'll throw my $.02 in too

When I had heard that there had been a shooting at Virginia Tech yesterday my first thought was, “I hope my cousin is far away from that” my second thought was” why weren’t the students shooting back, or trying to take the gunman out?”

Pete reminded me why, guns are still prohibited on campuses. When I was in college I was a law breaker. I kept a shotgun under my dorm bed, behind the box of fireworks, both contraband, the fire works are pretty self explanatory. But why the shotgun?

I hunt.

That’s all. I like to spend my fall afternoons walking in fields and shooting birds…not for any hated or disdain for these birds, but because they taste good. Most people wouldn’t know fresh pheasant or quail if it landed on their face and started to wiggle. The shit you order in fancy restaurants is all farm raised just like chickens…probably on the same fucking ranch. My point is that is why I had a gun in my dorm room, in my truck /car(depending on which year and had I wrecked or blown it up) all through high school. It is why I have guns in my house today. And I have them loaded and scattered throughout the domicile waiting for some ass hammer to try and get passed the dogs…if they are successful there, I get to shoot them that is the rule.

So HAD I been a Virginia Techie yesterday, yes I may have been charged with having a prohibited weapon on campus, but if I was near, you know that there would have been some return fire and maybe, not as many causalities.

Again my heart and thoughts go out to those people who were gunned down in cold blood yesterday.

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