Sunday, April 15, 2007


When in Doubt...

I have been so uninspired lately, I’m tired of bitching about the same thing, I’m tired of doing the same thing, I’m basically tired. I am frustrated that people take so much time to make a decision regarding anything that has to do with their company, good, bad, or indifferent.

I’m thinking I need to change jobs even if I just go back to being a bartender . Maybe a janitor, hell I can run a mop.

On a side note Bouby and I are both down 15-18 lbs ½ way through our 4th week of our diet. So just 60 more pounds for me and I’m home free…well as long as I don’t start eating Ben and Jerry’s /burger king/starbucks mocha latte/ breakfasts again. But I’m pretty excited to have lost some pounds.

However, since I have been on this diet and have paid a shit bag of cash to have some twit tell me that I’m doing a great job 3 times a week, I have lost all of my energy. I used to pop out of bed and was ready to take on the world. Every since I was a tiny little kid I have been like this, I needed to get to where I was going and start my day…when I was 5, The same kid that was walking to his G-ma’s to show off a new pair of boots when he was 3, before Daddy and Mommy got up (see here) Anyway back on point, I have had no energy since starting this diet program, even with the sanctioned vitamins, and my normal fistful of vitaminny goodness that I take normally to try and stave off arthritis and old age, not that it is working but I do enjoy the placebo effect it has, and yet still no energy.

So I’m even more irritable and frustrated, and it shows. I have been a complete bastard at work, and I have been short and angry with most of the people around me.

Looks like I have some “Splainin’ to do”…..

I have no idea what I need to do, but I need to do it quick.

So how about that Imus guy huh? Did you know there was a War on?

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