Tuesday, April 17, 2007



Tonight, after working, there was a get together at Harry’s Country Club Bar and Grill, in the River Market area of KC. After missing so many of these I finally decided to go and meet with a few fellow bloggers.
Going with me was one of my favorite local, albeit not a regular writer (sorry E had to get the dig in!) The Hammer She and I share some of the same stomping grounds and then I got to meet some genuinely cool and interesting folk.

Like Mr Death himself,and his best friend Michelle and her Hubby And the The X Man I also met two of the
sweethearts that run The flogging of America, now Me and Bouby took off right when they showed up but I look forward to seeing them next time around. There were many many more local bloggers but unfortunately my gin addled mind and lack of a notebook, not to mention that I’m sorry but I haven’t been as actively reading my local bloggers like I should….

Important safety tip, ALWAYS support your local bloggers!!

I believe that I will get together with the Hammer and have some bumper stickers made up. So at the next party we’ll have favors to hand out. That and it will remind me that sometimes local is just as important as well… air.

I had a blast and I was very happy to meet everyone and if I didn’t throw you on the list, drop me a note and tell me how much I suck, and I’ll rectify the situation....

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