Wednesday, April 25, 2007


More Weekend stuff.....

My Dad was a pimp.

Well maybe not a pimp but a player, before player was a term. I found this out this past weekend in between hunting and napping. It was kind of funny to hear the 75 year old man talk about all of the girls he had on the line.

It seems that when Daddy-O got out of the navy in the mid 50’s the dying little town he lived in was quite robust and bustling. There was a nursing school there as well and since all of the young men in town had decided to take the government up on their GI Bill education after the Korean war, Daddy –O was the sole dance partner for about 30 chicks….and he told me he used to kiss’em all. Which is his old school way of saying he was banging them like a screen door in a hurricane.

No wonder he is so short, I think all that fucking wore him down to a nub.

That wasn’t the only interesting thing that I did last weekend, I also went to a cattle show. I have pictures to prove it too.

For those of you who don’t know what a cattle show is, it is where farm kids raise a heifer, or steer, and then they make it as perfect as possible and….. well fuck it is a dog show with fucking cows that’s all. But it is kind of cool watching these little bitty kids drag around 700lbs steers, knowing that if that steer really wanted to it could go berserk and kill everyone in the arena.

Not that, that happened, but it might. Kinda like those tigers in Vegas when they decided to eat that fruit, I don’t know if it was Siegfried or Roy, but yeah you never know when animals will attack..

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