Monday, March 05, 2007


Trade shows blow...well at least set ups...

Well I’m in Vegas!!! Whoo hoo!!

Once again our booth is behind schedule. Not because of anything the we did here in the field, but because someone decided it would be wise to save 200 bucks and use a trucking company from a different state that coincidently, was hit by a blizzard, only hours before the truck was supposed to leave.

So we are about 8 hours behind schedule.


Exulted JOY!

I have basically doubled my spending money by playing some groovy slot machines, so that is nice.

There seems to be a convention of dirty people in town while we are here this week and I don’t mean dirty as in naughty, but as in “holy fuck, did you see the crazy one eye trailer park queen with the prison tats smoking pall mall’s with her bare foot kids playing Keno..?” dirty. It is so gross here, I wish the mob would come back and clean this rat hole up.

I have to go to sleep now tomorrow looks to be like it is shaping up to be a LOOOONNNGGG fucking day.

If anyone is in retail and is in Vegas this next week you should come by our booth and I’ll sell you some stuff.

More when I get sober…I mean after I sleep.

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