Friday, March 16, 2007


Politicians = bad

Our local Fox news team this morning had a graphic up that read “Pullout Plan”. I’m pretty sure they were talking about the war in Iraq but why they decided to name it after the worse method of birth control ever, I will never understand.

Pullout Plan?


That is the best pile of shit you could come up with? Jesus I need to get back into broadcasting. I wrote better crap then that when I was in college learning how to write crap. I would have written something like “Military Withdrawal” , or Bush’s Boys to come home” or even “America’s plan to steal oil fails” I mean they are all better then “Pullout plan”.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some sort of whinny liberal like the tree huggers in California, nor am I a nutty jack booted thug right winger like Pete, I am an equal opportunity hater, I believe that ALL Government that is run by politicians is corrupt and worthless and only is out to make themselves money. There is no Kant-ism , no greater good for the masses, or even listening to people they are supposed to be listening to. AND It isn’t just a federal government problem, it happens at the local level too.

When I was doing radio, (sounds dirty huh?..WELL IT WAS!), I was witness to a whole community crying outrage at the possibility of traffic circles being implemented into their town, and I could find NO ONE that supported those stupid European circles of death, YET The city council still installed them.

Which pissed everyone off.

So when I rant about war, or government, or call for the head of the bush family because they are retarded, then you all know it isn’t because I’m a either end of the spectrum nut, but a full fledged middle class, fed up, angry, middle of the road nut, who knows that the only way we can change the way we do things is a complete upheaval and revolution.
Not that I want to lead this revolt but given the right motivation, and if I was completely satisfied, that there was no other “politicians” involved, and that we were going to rebuild with real people and real problems that would be solved by common sense and not crazy laws, well I would support that movement. I would also support the disbarment of all lawyers. You should be forced to defend yourself in a court of law and if there is any doubt, your 12 peers will decide your fate for you. This way if you’re an asshole and you get caught being an asshole, yet no real crime was committed, you will more than, likely be punished for being an asshole. In this system we would all have to treat people better and find jobs for all of the ambulance chasers, like road crew. Or river clean up.

I just get so tired of all of the bullshit. Is there any end in sight? I mean besides my ultimate demise in 50-60 years….

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